Mpumalanga, the place of the rising sun, is an ancient land, with evidence of human habitation stretching back 100 000 years. The first major kingdoms and mining empires began 46 000 years ago. It's ruined cities, cave paintings, royal tombs, and ancient trade routes are only now being recorded by archeologists, historians and anthropologists.

Klipsteen has a particularly fine example of stone-age ruins, on it's north-western border above the waterfall. It can only be reached after a strenuous climb but the interesting stonework and the incredible view makes the effort well worth while.

Many of the famous Boer war sites are in Mpumalanga, and are easily accessible. The most popular include Chrissiesmeer, where the battle is re-enacted by uniformed enthusiasts every year: Long Tom Pass, where the Boers pounded the British with artillery; Dullstroom which was completely raised by the British in a bloody battle; Bergendal ,one of the largest pitched battles of the war, and scores of smaller sites.

And then there's the LOST MILLIONS

According to one of Africa's most enduring treasure legends the KRUGER MILLIONS, where reportedly offloaded somewhere between Machadodorp and Waterval Onder during President Paul Kruger's flight into permanent exile.

Trout River Falls is developed on the farm, Klipsteen, which belonged to Paul Kruger's grandson. What an interesting idea? Could the millions be close… 
The search for the lost millions continues to this day, with regular reported finds of small stashes of gold 'pond' coins in the province. 

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