Understanding how Trout think, what scares them, what motivates them, when they feed, when they travel is essential if you want to catch lots of fish consistently.

Fishing Techniques
THE GOAL is to unroll the fly line in graceful loops that more or less resemble the letter "U" turned on its side. Now, with about 7.5 meters of line laid out in a straight line in front of you, hold the rod so it's parallel with the ground. Your elbow should be a few centimeters in front and several centimeters to the side of your body. Now turn your wrist up slightly so the rod is at a 45 angle with the ground. This is your starting point.

  • Keeping your wrist stiff at 45 degree angle, bring your forearm and elbow back and slightly up, lifting the line off the ground. 

  • When your forearm is nearly vertical, snap your wrist back slightly, and stop the rod there, shooting the line behind you 

  • Wait for a moment, until you feel the weight of the line behind you. 

  • Keeping your wrist stiff and tilted slightly backward, bring your forearm and elbow forward and slightly down, starting the line forward again. 

  • When your forearm is nearly back to the starting position, snap your wrist forward to the 45 degree position, and stop the rod, shooting the line forward in a graceful loop 

  • Wait a moment until you feel the weight of the line in front of you. 

  • Start again. 

TROUT have color vision similar to that of humans. They can distinguish complementary colors and up to 24 spectral hues.

They are also capable of sharply focusing on near and far objects at the same time and they can clearly see different colors at different distances. 

The Color Of Your Clothing Matters!

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